The Martensville Nightmare CVN® CD-ROM or DVD

Text by Karen Smith /Multimedia Production by Holly Franking /Original Music by Ross Campbell

Click below for startling developments in this true-crime story:

1. Popowich: City police officer gets $1.3-million to help ease Martensville stigma

2. Media chastised over coverage of Popowich case

3. Province apologizes to Popowich

4. Four-Square Productions in Regina is producing the Popowich story as a TV movie

Diskotech, Inc. exhibited The Martensville Nightmare CD-ROM at BookExpo

in New York June 3-5, 2005.

Horrendous allegations of child sexual abuse surfaced on the morning of June 5, 1992 in the quiet community of Martensville, Saskatchewan, a small town of thirty-six hundred. Charges were made not only against a housewife, whose baby sitting service was the center of the alleged abuse, and her immediate family members but also against the police officers from Martensville, the Warman Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment and the nearby city of Saskatoon. People said they were part of a Satanic cult that drugged the children, beat them, sodomized them, locked them in freezers, forced them to drink their own blood.

The shock, horror and dismay which followed rocked both Martensville and the city of Saskatoon. Caregivers and people in positions of trust had apparently abused their authority by victimizing innocent children in the most unspeakable ways. It was every parent's worst nightmare.

This is the true story of John Popowich, a police officer indicted and tried in this case. Not only is his story spellbinding but so is this MULTIMEDIA presentation. The two CD-ROMs contain actual video of the police interrogation of Popowich, the alleged crime scenes, and local TV newscasts. This package also includes the transcripts of the Popowich trial, numerous copies of local newspaper articles, and photographs. All of these are combined with voice narrations, music and riveting text by the author.

Hardware requirements: Windows with CD-ROM or DV D.


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